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Crafting the Best HVAC Website Design

As a heating and cooling expert, you should stop thinking of your website as an online brochure. Instead, think of your company’s website as a virtual 24/7 sales person capable of generating a consistent amount of leads for HVAC repair and installation services. 

However, the success of your website depends on how it’s designed and how it performs. Therefore, your HVAC website needs to incorporate creative strategies that can enhance your HVAC website design and increase conversions.

What Should You Use to Build Your Website?

First, you need to build a website. There are multiple website builders that you can use without consulting the services of an expert.

Some of the website builders include:

Why You Should Consider WordPress to Build Your Website

As highlighted above, you can use multiple website builders to create custom websites. However, current statistics show that WordPress builds 43% of the world’s websites. The majority of Fortune 500 companies use WordPress for website building. Its drag-and-drop simplicity and mobile-friendly capabilities give it an edge over other web builders. 

Other benefits that give WordPress an edge include:

What Makes a Good HVAC Website Design?

Your HVAC website can attract hundreds to thousands of customers at a fraction of traditional marketing costs. Therefore, such a platform should not only legitimize your HVAC business but drive leads and sales. 

HVAC Website Design

However, there are some critical website design aspects you should incorporate to have more web visitors. Here’s a list for easy reference. Below we discuss each aspect in detail.

Web-Hosting Site

There have been questions about whether web hosting sites affect search engine ranking. The answer is yes. Therefore, you need to conduct detailed research on the best web hosts. You can easily find this information on industry websites and tech review sites. 

You want your HVAC company to rank higher on search engines and there are affordable hosting providers out there that can help. 

Some of the web-hosting sites include:

At HVAC Marketing Engine, we use Siteground on all of our client’s website’s and our own as well.

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Multiple Call to Actions

Call to Actions on an HVAC Web DesignIt would help if you urged your website visitors to take action by calling or booking your services. Some of the eye-catching call-to-actions (CTAs) that you can use for your HVAC website include:

As you can see, your call to action should create a sense of urgency. Based on results, we’ve seen that keeping your call to action short and direct to the point works best. Include multiple CTAs and evenly distribute them throughout your page.

Making it as easy as possible for your potential customers is the name of the game.

Mobile-Responsive Design

Today, people often use their phones to search for online products and services.

Responsive HVAC Website Design

Therefore, you should focus on optimizing your website for cell phones so you can reach customers using handheld devices. A simple website with legible text provides a great mobile experience.  

Not only do customers look for a strong mobile user interface, but your improvement in search results relies on how your website performs on mobile devices. 

Most website builders allow you to easily design a mobile responsive website that works on all devices. 

Testimonials and Social Proof

Leveraging customer testimonials on an hvac landing pageAs an HVAC business owner, you might use all forms of marketing to attract customers to your business. However, without testimonials, it will be a challenge to attract customers. Therefore, you need to prove that customers trust you through testimonials.

Remember, buyers trust other buyers. Positive online reviews about your HVAC contractors and company on your website can help you

Use High-Quality HVAC Company Imagery

Company Photos

In online marketing, images and videos are becoming more important. Therefore, you should invest in high-quality images and videos about your HVAC services.

Concentrate on incorporating your company’s images into your website. Using high-quality company photos and videos conveys authenticity and can help build trust with your potential customers.

Also, most of your web visitors will not be interested in reading a lot of written content. Therefore, you should ensure that your pictures and videos convey as much info as possible.

Fast Loading Speed

As you already know, you’re not the only HVAC company in your area with a website. So if your website’s loading speed is too slow, a website visitor will quickly move on to a company with a fast-loading page. 

Which web host you use and how you design your website determines the loading speed of your pages. Oftentimes, we’ll see the slowest websites are the ones that stuff their pages with things that are unnecessary. In our experience, we’ve seen that having a simple modern design is the overall best way to increase website loading time and improve conversions.

If you’d like to see how your website’s speed performs, use Google’s Page Speed Test

Use Persuasive Headlines

For optimum website conversions, you need to concentrate on your headlines. This is because your readers will first see your headlines before they read your text and posts. As such, you need to be persuasive. 

Customers tend to scan your headlines as they are the most prominent body of text on your website.

What you write can convince your readers to click your CTAs. Therefore, your headlines need to capture as much information as possible. 

For example, if you’re offering a “33% discount”, let it appear in your headlines to persuade visitors to read your content.

Optimizing Your HVAC Website for SEO

As you write, always focus on creating content that helps your pages to rank higher on search engines. This is known as “search engine optimization” or SEO.

In this case, the writing and structuring of your content should incorporate essential HVAC SEO practices. 

Essential SEO practices include

Introduce Service Pages

For the optimal HVAC website, you must have concise and clear service pages. A service page should explain what your business offers and why it is different from other businesses in the same industry. 

Using in-depth content, you need to describe the problem, offer a reliable solution, and explain why your approach to the problem is the best. 

In most situations, our team will build a service page for every service our client offers allowing them to show up for an array of HVAC services. 

Our process begins with researching the top competitors and formulating a way to make our content better and more in-depth than theirs.

Incorporate Location Pages

For SEO purposes, you need to have service area pages. These are web pages that specifically highlight the areas where you provide your services.

In addition, you need to encompass all the necessary locations where customers can find your services. 

When creating your local landing page, ensure you’ve incorporated long-tail, location-specific HVAC keywords for that area.

Highlight Your HVAC Companies' Accreditations and Certifications

People are searching for HVAC technicians who know what they’re doing. One way to show that you’re a professional is to share your accreditation and certifications. Your certifications demonstrate proficiency in air conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation. 

Some of the standard HVAC certifications you can show include

User-Friendly Booking and Contact Options

Despite the complexities involved in your HVAC website design, you should focus on making it easy for your web visitors. In this case, you should have a user-friendly booking and contact options. 

You don’t want potential customers to hover around your website without contact details. So, booking and contact options should be big and colorful to stand out from the rest of the page. 

To grab your visitor’s attention, you should always have a strong HVAC call-to-action “above the fold” (what you can see before you need to scroll down the page). The top right corner and top middle are great places to place your click-to-call buttons. You should also include an easy-to-fill-out contact form on your page. 

Industry-Specific Blog

Your HVAC website design is not complete without an industry-specific blog. Blogs are excellent tools for increasing website traffic and building trust with potential customers.

Write content geared toward your industry and be authoritative and informative. You want customers to trust your information and services. 

A blog can help you

Live Chat Option

A live chat option provides another opportunity for prospective customers to communicate with your business. Make sure you use the HVAC live-chat software ranked as the best in the market for optimum benefits. If it’s easy for customers to contact you, it’s more likely they’ll pay for your HVAC services.

Additional Tips to Successfully Design Your HVAC Website

Besides the tips discussed above, there are other additional tips that you’ll need to consider to enhance your HVAC website design. 

We recommend that you

Improve Your Online Presence with a Google My Business Listing

As you focus on your HVAC website, you should also direct your attention to a Google My Business listing. This is an option that Google has provided to make it easier for people to find you. Generally, you should think of a Google My Business listing as the Yellow Pages for our online world. 

As you already know, Google dominates the search industry. Therefore, HVAC businesses should optimize their HVAC website to make it easier for search engine optimization. Google My Business acts as an extension for your website for Google listing purposes. 

Creating a Google My Business listing will help you generate website traffic, boost your SEO efforts, and widen your sales funnel. 

Besides offering your business a huge online presence, a Google My Business listing has other benefits.

Creating a Google My Business listing account is not only simple but also free. Here’s a quick guide for creating a Google My Business listing account.

Looking For More Assistance?

As you can see, ensuring that you have the best HVAC website design takes a lot of work. At HVAC Marketing Engine, we have the experience to develop effective HVAC websites. We know what your HVAC website needs to rank high, attract visitors, and convert those visitors into customers.

Our team understands your challenges and has the right skills to improve your website ranking through the strategies discussed above.

If you’re looking for the best HVAC websites, send us a message. Our team is experienced in the HVAC industry and works hard to establish an HVAC website design to take your business to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With every new HVAC website our team builds, you can expect a custom design suitable for your HVAC company brand that helps generate leads. You can expect fast load times, local search engine optimization, conversion elements, mobile-friendly layouts, relevant and high-quality content, conversion-tracking implementation, complete control, and much more!

We build our HVAC websites to come with search engine optimization right out of the gate. Every web design project begins with an initial analysis of the competition. From there, our team will research and identify keywords related to your industry and location.

Our team is happy to do as many revisions as possible until you are 100% HAPPY with your HVAC web design within reason. We will offer you many opportunities to review the work and ensure we are going in the right direction throughout the web design and strategy process.

Yes! You will own everything outright, including your website, domain, and any content created. At HVAC Marketing Engine, we do not believe in holding clients’ online assets hostage.

Most of the websites we build for HVAC companies take about 3-6 weeks to fully complete. This does vary from project to project, but most websites launch in under 30 days.

We require some basic information from your HVAC business before getting started with your HVAC web design. Once we start, we will send over a brief client questionnaire that will help us get all of the information needed to begin the web design process.

No. Every website design we build is completely custom and made to represent your HVAC business only. However, we use similar strategies proven to work for HVAC companies that convert visitors and drive organic traffic.

Yes! Your website will look good and perform well on all devices. This includes desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, and more.

There are many website builders out there, but our favorite is WordPress. Every website that our team designs will be built on WordPress using our systemized approach and optimized for search engines accordingly.

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