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5 Tips For Using HVAC Hashtags To Grow Your Business

5 Tips For Using HVAC Hashtags to Grow your Business

HVAC Hashtags For Online Marketing

Using HVAC hashtags to grow your business can be a helpful marketing tool in reaching new customers. However, without the proper knowledge and tools, it can get a bit confusing where and how to use them within your marketing strategy. 

The reason why hashtags can be critical to your business’s marketing strategy is that when someone searches for a service online, hashtags allow them to easily sort and find what they’re looking for. This opportunity extends to the HVAC industry when potential customers search for an HVAC company or contractors, making it essential that you start using them to market your business, too.

Hashtags and ‘hashtagging’ were made popular by the social media giant Twitter, but these days, they’re being used all over the internet, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.

Creating hashtags is as easy as putting the ‘#’ symbol in front of a word or series of words, without spaces in between. 

Hashtags are usually added to the end of a message, to describe or associate the post with specific words, phrases, ideas, niches, and more. You can use any hashtag you like, but it helps to keep it short, relevant, and understandable.

5 Ways Hashtags Can Help Your HVAC Business Grow

Here are a few of the best ways that hashtags can help grow your HVAC business.

1- Hahtags Tell The Social Media Platforms What Your Post Is About

Hashtags allow platforms to organize and show content in a uniform way. So, all posts with the #HVAC hashtag will be sorted together and shown to anyone looking at that hashtag.  No matter the platform, using popular hashtags within the HVAC industry will funnel your post to be seen alongside similar content targeting a similar if not identical audience as you.  Also, your posts won’t be ‘free-floating’, making them much less effective.

2- You Can Embed Your Landing Page Or Website Into A Hashtag

When you incorporate your own website or landing page into a hashtag and a potential customer clicks it, they’ll automatically be taken to your website and see your contact info.

3- You Can (And Should) Use A Local Hashtag

Using a local hashtag, like #NewYorkCity, #Dallas, or #Denver is a great way to get local folks to find your HVAC company. Many people look for local hashtags or hashtags related to location when they need a local service like yours.

4- You Can Hashtag Your Company Name

You don’t only have to use the most popular HVAC hashtags; Hashtagging your company name allows you to build an online reputation and a place for customers to see all posts related to your company. After a while, it will get a lot of traction. Make sure to keep it as short and sweet as possible. For example, you could create the hashtag #BobsHVACservices. Every time you create a post for social media, make sure to use your company name hashtag. 

5- Use Keywords In Your Hashtags

Short tail, long tail, and one-word keywords can all be used in your hashtags. Use all three variations on every social post. Of course, you need to research and collect the best HVAC keywords to do this. You can research hashtags on platforms like Instagram; Researching Instagram hashtags can give you an idea of what hashtags competitors might be using on their Instagram posts and will help keep you informed on any new related hashtags are being used. 

Incorporate Hashtags Into All Your Online Content

No matter what account you post from, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other, always use your best hashtags but don’t overuse them. We recommend using between 3 and 6 per post. More than that, your posts will begin to look like ‘spam’ (and that’s never a good thing).

While this list could go on forever, here’s a list of the best:

#hvac #hvaclife #airconditioning #hvactechnician #hvacservice #hvactech #heating #hvacr #plumbing #cooling #heatingandcooling #ac #hvacrepair #refrigeration #hvacinstall #hvaclove #hvaccontractor #construction #hvactools #airconditioner #hvacquality #electrical #furnace #hvachacks #maintenance #contractor #plumber #electrician #hvacsystem

Remember to also include your company-specific hashtags; Those with your business name, and local hashtags with your city or town’s name.

Confused? Let HVAC Marketing Engine Help

Using hashtags for HVAC social media marketing can be downright confusing and frustrating. Let HVAC Marketing Engine do what we do best; Get the most from your online marketing budget. 

Call or contact us below, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to show you how we can get your phone ringing like crazy with new HVAC leads!

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