The Top 5 Air Conditioning Advertising & Marketing Ideas To Increase Leads and Sales

5 A/C Advertising & Marketing Ideas To Increase Leads and Sales

When you own an HVAC business, you wear many hats, especially if it’s just you. 

You have to wear the secretary hat, fielding phone calls when they (hopefully) come in. You also have to wear the customer service hat, solving customer problems, and of course, the AC installation and repair expert hat. 

But there’s one hat that outranks all the rest in terms of importance; the marketing hat. Without excellent marketing, your phone won’t ring, and you won’t have any customers, which makes all the other hats moot.

Engaging, persuasive, and constant marketing drives potential customers to your business and keeps your doors open. It’s the lifeblood of any business, especially an HVAC and AC business, where you need a constant flow of new customers. 

You may not like it, and it might be frustrating and annoying, but it’s vital to your success. 

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 5 excellent air conditioning advertising and marketing techniques to advance your AC services. These are the methods many of your competitors are using to great success, so you should definitely be using them too.

#1- Try Billboards

Billboards can be tricky and a bit expensive. That being said, if you rent one for, say, a year, the price per month should drop considerably.

You don’t need a huge billboard, especially if you’re in a small-ish town. 

However, it should be on a well-traveled road with an excellent in-line sight so people will see it in their cars.

We recommend a concise, easy to remember message with your phone number. Simple, short, and memorable is best, in HUGE letters.

#2- Running a Pay Per Click Ads Campaign (PPC)

PPC ads can be excellent on a small budget because they let you set the budget you want. 

You can set the amount you want to spend per day and scale that up or down as you start getting results. You can PPC ads on Google, Facebook, Bing, Quora, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and some other social media sites.

With PPC, you set up a campaign and, whenever someone searching for AC services clicks on it, you pay a specific price. (Thus, the name ‘pay per click.’) The most popular and profitable PPC platform is Google Ads, just FYI.

#3- Running Highly Targeted Facebook Ads

With a massive user-base, Facebook is a fantastic way to reach potential customers. Even better, they have meta-data on all of their users, making it easy for you to target ads that will reach their eyes. 

You’ll need a Facebook page and a Facebook business page, which are easy to set up. In fact, Facebook makes the whole process quite easy. Just follow their instructions, fill out the info needed, and get started. 

Like PPC, you can scale up or down with ease and set your daily/weekly/monthly ad spend to stay within your budget.

#4- Ask For Reviews And Respond To All of Them

You should be actively asking for reviews from every single customer you get. Ask them to write them on Yelp, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, or your website. 

If you need to offer a small discount or special service to get them, so be it. The more excellent reviews you have online, the better. 

Also, make sure to respond to every review on a good or a bad. Especially the bad, and with a very humble and apologetic tone.

#5- Use a Blog to Stay Relevant

Consumers today, more than ever, are hungry for free and useful information. 

The best way to give it to them is through a blog (or journal) on your hvac website. There you can post useful information, advice, news, and updates about your AC business. 

If you aren’t a great writer or don’t have time, you can go to iWriter online. They offer content writing services for every type of business, including HVAC and AC. (We recommend you request GregCreates, one of the best content writers on the platform.)

Who Are We?

We’re HVAC Marketing Engine, and we specialize in marketing for HVAC marketing. We have expert knowledge of the HVAC and AC industry that allows us to craft engaging, effective, and profitable marketing and advertising campaigns that will drive new customers straight to your door. 

If you want your phone to start constantly ringing, with more customers than you can handle, leave your name and contact info and we’ll get back to you ASAP.
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