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Your brand deserves to shine even in tough conditions. That’s why our HVAC stickers are:


Colors stay vibrant and your message remains clear for 5+ years outdoors.


Strong adhesive bonds securely, yet the backslit design ensures simple, clean removal when needed.


Vinyl construction and a durable laminate withstand sun, rain, and extreme temperatures.

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Marketing Ideas For HVAC Stickers

Are you looking for new ways to market your HVAC business? Read on to learn about HVAC sticker ideas.

Whether you’re running an HVAC company or contemplating starting one, you need to market your services. And few advertising forms are as reliable as traditional sticker marketing.

Many businesses use stickers to increase awareness of their brand. Stickers are usually placed on company vehicles and equipment, but HVAC companies can also place service stickers on the machines they service (like on your thermostat, for example).

hvac stickers

We’ll guide you through some sticker marketing and design ideas to help your business grow. Let’s get started!

How Can an HVAC Sticker Aid in Marketing Your Business? 

Stickers have been in existence for many years now, doing a great job of bonding concepts, people, and ideas into our minds. They’re often a creative and fun way of marketing that remains effective to date. Stickers have built awareness for many brands and companies.

Using stickers is one of the best ways to market your air conditioning business. A sticker on a company vehicle can market your brand at the traffic lights, and a service sticker on a thermostat or AC unit can attract repeat business when repairs are needed.

Custom-printed stickers are ideal because you can pass a message through them. You can also customize them based on your needs to reach drivers, pedestrians, and passengers.

Things to Keep in Mind 

Before you design a sticker to market your HVAC business, there are specific things you must consider. Let’s take a look at them.

HVAC Stickers


The material you use for your HVAC sticker matters – you don’t want your stickers to fade or peel. 

Choose a weather-resistant material like vinyl. Vinyl stickers are waterproof, economical to print, and easy to clean.


Size is another factor to consider when designing your sticker. Where will it go? On the side of a vehicle? A thermostat? Newly installed units?

Target Audience 

Market to your ideal customer. Do you serve homeowners or businesses or both? What type of sticker would generate responses?

Placement Ideas 

Location is crucial in advertising. Sticker placement is important for any HVAC service company. 

Your Products

Place service stickers on equipment like air conditioning units and thermostats to promote repeat HVAC business. For example, after performing service, you could place a sticker on the side saying “this system has been serviced by “YOUR COMPANY”.

Just make sure the sticker isn’t an eyesore that a customer might want to remove.

Company Vehicles 

Using company vehicles is another excellent way to market your business. Stick your HVAC stickers on them. Drivers and passengers only have seconds to absorb the information on your sticker, so ensure the content is straightforward. 

HVAC service companies can make their sticker a bit unique with custom typography. Stick to solid colors and durable stickers.

Company Equipment 

Placing your stickers on company equipment isn’t a new thing. It’s another excellent marketing tool, especially if you’re working in a public place. When passersby see the stickers on your equipment, they’ll become aware of your business and may use your services in the future.

Public Announcement Boards 

Public announcement boards should be your target as well. Many people look at it for local attractions, upcoming events, and great deals. You may even hit your target demographic and get new customers from there.

Sports and Event Arenas 

Sports and event areas are good places to find large crowds. Giving away free stickers is an interactive and fun way to reach potential customers.

A catchy sticker can put your brand name in the back of their mind. 

Get Creative with It! 

Excellent marketing is all about maximizing each channel’s potential, so let your creativity shine. Think of fun slogans or use unique designs to make your stickers memorable.

Sticker Design Ideas 

Do you want your sticker to stand out? Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing one.

Unique Shape 

Design your sticker according to the shape of one of your products or a unique shape like an octagon or a starburst. 

QR Code 

QR codes save space and make it easy for a customer to call you or visit your website. 

Your Logo 

To keep it simple, use the shape of your logo for the sticker and include your brand name.

Start Marketing with Vinyl Stickers and Increase Your Repeat Business! 

The way you present your business speaks volumes. Quality custom stickers make your HVAC business visible and attract people to check you out. Still, there are many more HVAC advertising strategies you can use.

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