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HVAC Door Hangers

Even in the modern digital marketing era, printed door hangers are still highly beneficial. If you design your HVAC door hangers well, you can boost your marketing effectiveness and increase the brand awareness of your HVAC business.

Benefits of Door Hanger Marketing

The best part about door hanger marketing is its affordable nature. Physical door hangers will help you to reach out to more potential customers. 

6 Things to Consider When Implementing Door Hangers into Your Marketing Strategy

The primary motive for using door hangers is business growth. This is why it’s vital to consider what will help you improve your marketing and attract the right audience. 

Here are a few things that will help you make your HVAC door hanger marketing effective. 

Make it Memorable, Not Intrusive

Rather than making your door hanger intrusive, make it memorable. If the design is cheap or if the message sounds like a sales pitch, customers are likely to throw such hangers in the trash.

Produce a door hanger with an appealing visual design, so it looks professional. Also, make your message easy to read and customer-focused. Present your message in a way that targets your customer’s needs or wants.

Choose the Material and Size of the Door Hanger Wisely

Use a high-quality door hanger that is weather resistant. Also, check the size of the door hanger to ensure it is neither too big nor small. A hanger that is too big may be offensive, and a hanger that is too small is hard to read. 

Have Multiple Ways for Customers to Contact You

Give your potential customer options. Place your company email, website, phone number, and social media addresses on your door hanger. Try to place the company details in a way that can be seen and understood without taking up too much space on the hanger. That way, your customer can connect with your business the way they prefer, and your company details don’t overwhelm the rest of your message.

Include Your Services and an Exclusive Offer

Be sure to list your services as well as promotional offers or discounts on the door hangers. Including a printed exclusive offer for a service is a good way to prevent customers from throwing the door hanger in the trash. 

Consider Distribution Costs in Your Budget

Consider how you will distribute the door hangers and how much they will cost. Then create a budget to ensure that you don’t spend too much while distributing the door hangers. 

Use a Custom Offer Code to Track Campaign Success

If you include a custom offer code on your door hangers (like “HVAC 20” for a 20% discount), then you can track the effectiveness of your door hangers. 

In other words, when customers cite these custom offer codes, you’ll know they received a door hanger. The number of people using the code will help you determine how successful your door hanger campaign was. 

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