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How We Helped a Las Vegas HVAC Company Achieve $4 Million in Sales and a 60% Call-to-Booking Rate

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Many HVAC companies struggle to generate profitable leads. Active Plumbing and Air Conditioning in Las Vegas, NV was no exception – until they partnered with us. See how we helped them transform their business and achieve record-breaking success.

The Challenge: A Familiar Yet Frustrating Scenario

Active Plumbing & Air Conditioning faced a multi-pronged challenge familiar to many HVAC businesses:

  • Profitability Problem: Acquiring customers was possible, but the cost per lead made it unsustainable.
  • Agency Woes: Previous marketing efforts lacked focus and a deep understanding of the HVAC niche.
  • Wrong Kind of Attention: Their ads were attracting unqualified leads, wasting time and money.

Our Diagnostic Approach: Beyond the Symptoms

We began with a deep dive into Active Plumbing & Air’s existing campaigns. Here’s a summary of what we uncovered:

  • Disorganized Structure: Their ad account lacked clear organization, hindering performance tracking and proper optimization.
  • Generic Ad Copy: Ads didn’t resonate with their ideal customers, failing to communicate the value Active Plumbing & Air Conditioning offered.
  • Poor Landing Pages: Visitors weren’t seamlessly guided towards conversion, with pages lacking compelling calls to action and service-specific information.

The Solution: A Data-Driven, Service-Focused PPC Strategy

To turn things around, we implemented a multi-faceted plan:

  • Account Overhaul: We revamped the ad account structure, enabling easy segmentation and more targeted ad delivery.
  • Compelling Ad Copy: Crafted attention-grabbing ads with a focus on solving specific pain points of potential customers. We also refined keyword targeting.
  • Landing Page Optimization: Designed high-converting landing pages tailored to each core HVAC service, providing instant clarity and strong calls to action.
  • Feeding the Algorithm: Prioritized providing the right data to the algorithm, allowing for optimization toward qualified leads and desired outcomes.

The Results: Success That Speaks for Itself

Our partnership began in late April. Here’s what Active Plumbing & Air has achieved since:

  • Increased Calls: 3-4x more calls, with a strong focus on qualified leads.
  • Impressive Conversion Rate: A 60% call-to-booking conversion rate, even on cold traffic.
  • Unprecedented Revenue: $402,748 added to their bottom line through the initial sale alone.
  • Growth Trajectory: Now on track to scale up to a $7 million/year company.
"Working with Irvin has been great, I have had 3 other companies working on PPC and it was no where near as quality work as HVAC Marketing Engine. He does what he says he will do effectively and communicates 100% of the way."
Carl Garret
Active Plumbing & Air

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