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7 Plumber Advertising Strategies That Get You More Leads

Plumber Advertising Strategies that Work in 2020

Ever wonder why some plumbers are booked solid, while others struggle to get the phone ringing? The secret is mastering the right plumber advertising strategies.

Think about it: tons of potential customers use social media, Google, and all that good stuff every single day. The trick is knowing how to reach them – without wasting your hard-earned money on ads that go nowhere.

If you’re ready to ditch the guesswork and start seeing real results from your marketing, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive in!

Master These Top Plumber Advertising Strategies & Get More Calls

Your website and local search presence are the foundations of a successful online marketing strategy. Let’s look at why these are essential and how to make them work for your plumbing business.

  1. Build a Trustworthy Website
  2. Get Found Locally with SEO
  3. Plumber Facebook Ads
  4. Creative Social Media Ideas
  5. Get Leads FAST with PPC
  6. Google Local Service Ads
  7. Up Your Advertising with “Traditional” Advertising

1. Build Trust with a Professional Plumbing Website

Your website is often a potential customer’s first impression. Make sure it’s up-to-date, showcases your work, and clearly lists your services and contact information.

  • Tips to Take Action:
    • Make it Mobile-Friendly: Over half of people will search for a plumber on their phone. Does your site look good on a small screen?
    • Highlight Your Service Area: Don’t make people guess if you cover their location. A list of towns or a map makes it clear.
    • Easy Contact: Your phone number and a “Request a Quote” form should be visible on every page.

Make regular updates on the site to show your clients that you are still in business. Things change regularly, and what was plausible five years ago might not be as it is now; ensure you update your site by including your latest plumbing photos and offers.

2. Get Found Locally with SEO for Plumbers

Did you know you can optimize your website to appear when people in your area search for “plumber near me” or similar terms? Investing in local SEO, either by doing it yourself or hiring an expert, is a smart way to attract the most valuable leads.

  • Tips to Take Action:
    • Claim Your “Google My Business” Listing: This is how you get on Google Maps, and it’s free! Make sure the info (address, hours, etc.) is accurate.
    • Use Location Keywords Naturally: Don’t just stuff your town name everywhere. Include it in phrases like “Proudly serving [town] homeowners.”
    • Get Reviews: Ask happy customers for reviews on Google, Yelp, etc. Social proof helps your ranking.

Important Note: Local SEO is a complex topic! These tips are a good start, but there’s more to it for competitive areas.

Social Media for Plumbers: Beyond Just Posting

3. Plumber Facebook Ads: Finding the Right Customers

Facebook ads let you target potential customers based on their location, interests, and even past interactions with your website. While there’s a learning curve, Facebook ads can bring in highly qualified leads.

4. Creative Plumbing Social Media Ideas to Stand Out

Don’t just post boring ads! Share before-and-after photos of your work, run contests, or offer plumbing tips and advice. This builds trust and makes people remember your business when they need a plumber.

  • Tips to Take Action:
    • Focus on ONE Platform: Trying to be everywhere is a recipe for burnout. Pick where your ideal customers hang out (Facebook is usually a good bet) and do it well.
    • Show Your Expertise: Don’t just post about deals. Quick DIY tips (“How to silence a running toilet”) build trust over time.
    • It’s a Two-Way Street: Reply to comments, even if they’re just thanking you for a helpful post. This shows you’re a real person who cares.

Get Leads FAST with Plumber PPC Campaigns

Sometimes, you need to get in front of customers the moment they need a plumber – and that’s where PPC ads come in. Think of them like super-targeted billboards on Google.

With the right strategy, paid advertising can be a fast way to get to the top of search results and in front of potential customers. There are two main ways to run PPC ads for plumbers – let’s look at which is right for you.:

5. Traditional PPC Ads on Google: Get Leads When People Need You Most

Plumber PPC Advertisement

Plumber PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns on Google Ads can be incredibly effective– but they require expertise to get a good return on your ad spend. With the right targeting, plumbers can attract high-quality leads the moment someone needs your services.

Traditional PPC lets you place your ad right there at the top of the results. The key is targeting the right keywords (those searches people use) and having a great ad that makes them click.

No more waiting for the phone to ring, PPC can bring the leads to you.

  • Tips to Take Action:
    • Emergency = Opportunity: Target keywords like “24 hour plumber near me” and “burst pipe repair.” People searching need help NOW.
    • Hyperlocal Campaigns: Focus a specific campaign on just a few neighborhoods where you ideally want more work.
    • Don’t Forget Your Landing Page: Where your ad takes people matters! Make sure the page highlights the services your ad promises.
    • Avoid Wasted Clicks: Use negative keywords to exclude searches like “DIY plumbing fix” or “plumbing jobs” (people looking for employment).

6. Google Local Services Ads: Show Up at the Top

Google Local LSA for Plumbing Companies

LSAs are those ads you see right at the very top of Google results, with the special “Google Guaranteed” badge. They’re a powerful way to build immediate trust with potential customers. While the setup takes a bit more effort, LSAs are perfect for attracting those “need it fixed ASAP” types of leads.

7. Don’t Neglect the Power of Traditional Marketing

Don’t get fooled into thinking all the best marketing happens online. Tried-and-true methods still have a place in your plumber advertising toolbox – sometimes, it’s about connecting with customers where they live and work. Here’s how to breathe new life into classic techniques:

  • Vehicle Wraps and Yard Signs: Your Trucks Are Moving Billboards Turn your trucks into eye-catching advertisements. Use bold graphics, a clear call to action (your phone number!), and even a bit of humor, if it fits your brand. Don’t overlook simple yard signs, either! Place them strategically after big jobs.
  • Community Sponsorships: Become the Go-To Plumber Sponsor the local Little League team or community events. It’s great visibility AND shows you’re committed to your area. Don’t forget to snap some photos for your social media!
  • Branded Gear That Gets Seen: Think Beyond Pens! Sure, everyone gives out pens, but what about branded mini tool kits, “leak detector” flashlights, or even fun stickers? Leave these behind on jobs – they spread the word in a practical way.
  • Partner with Other Local Businesses: Team up with electricians, realtors, or home improvement stores for cross-promotion. Offer a discount to their clients, and they might just send some business your way.
  • Don’t Neglect the Power of Experiential Marketing Think creatively to bring your services to life! Set up a mini “fix-it” booth at a street fair. Offer a workshop for first-time homeowners on basic repairs. This face-to-face connection is way more potent than just another ad.

Key Point: Traditional marketing excels at building top-of-mind awareness. It keeps your business in front of people even when they’re not actively searching for a plumber. When they DO need one, guess whose name will pop into their heads?

Need Help Growing Your Plumbing Business?

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