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HVAC Yard Signs

Tips to Improve Your Local Marketing Efforts!

Are you looking for a means to tell local customers about your HVAC Company? HVAC yard signs are a great option for you. Not only are they localized but they are also cheap and easy to create.

How Can Custom Yard Signs Improve Local Marketing?

Custom double-sided signs placed strategically along the routes of your potential customers create awareness about your HVAC Company. These cheap advertising tools are location specific, unlike other marketing tools. You only reach out to people within your area of operation.

With yard signs, you can reach older customers who would not search online for local businesses. Also, an HVAC sign in someone’s yard is like a word-of-mouth recommendation.

Being stationary, custom yard signs increase your exposure in your local market. Increased exposure often results in increased HVAC leads and sales. This translates to effective local marketing. 

There is a good chance that someone who has seen your signs several times will contact your HVAC Company when in need.

3 Tips to Remember For Your Yard Sign Campaign

Yard signs need to be properly designed to yield positive results for your business. To produce an effective HVAC yard sign campaign, you need to remember these 3 tips while designing and stationing the signs. 

Keep Colors, Fonts, and Text Simple!

Simplicity is the trick for effective advertising. When it comes to yard signs, use no more than 2 colors, 2 fonts, and 2 lines of text.

Most of the time, your marketing audience will be in motion, either as pedestrians or occupants of a car. Therefore it’s to advertise one product or service per sign.

Design your signs so that readers can get the message with a glance. Use two contrasting colors, a dark one with a light one. 

For example, you can write the company name on a white background with black letters, then do the opposite for the contact information. Also, choose colors that stand out in the surrounding environment.

Your texts should be simple, big, and bold. Two lines of text capturing the main information about your HVAC Company are enough. The main goal is creating awareness. Your customer will be able to contact you as long as you have included your contact information in the text.

Road-goers will also appreciate yard signs that are easy to read. Simple fonts such as Arial and Sans Serif are great options. Use at most two font styles and keep the formatting simple. 

Place Them in Strategic Places

Where can you get the most traffic? Choose streets that your target audience frequents. Make your signs large enough and in positions where drivers can easily see them.

For commercial HVAC customers, install your yard signs on the driveways leading to parking areas and along footpaths. For homeowner customers, put your HVAC yard signs along streets leading to shopping malls and in your local neighborhood.

You can also encourage customers to keep your air conditioning and heating signs on their property after you complete service on their HVAC system. This is like word-of-mouth advertising and truly helps brand recognition and awareness.

Also, consider placing yard signs in visible places near your business when advertising your new HVAC business or special offers.

Print on Both Sides

Double-sided yard signs are the most effective. No matter what side a person is coming from, they can read the advert. And in case they are tempted to look back, they can still get the information on the yard sign.

Use Yard Signs to Increase Brand Awareness and Trust

Yard signs have been used to win elections. Why not use them to win customers for your business?

Remember the tips above when creating yard signs for your HVAC company, and look forward to serving more of your local customers.

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