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10 Best HVAC Podcasts for Contractors

With today’s technology, the ability to learn and grow your knowledge base for your HVAC business is no longer limited to books and websites. There is a prominent niche in the Podcasting world, specifically for the HVAC industry.
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With today’s technology, the ability to learn and grow your knowledge base for your HVAC business is no longer limited to books and websites. There is a prominent niche in the Podcasting world, specifically for the HVAC industry. 

What Value Can HVAC Industry Podcasts Offer Me?

Whether you’re just getting started or a decades-long veteran, there’s always room to learn. Podcasts provide information and new ideas, which can evolve your perspective, inform you about new products and processes and enhance your skillset.

Since you can learn while you’re driving — and in the HVAC field, there’s plenty of downtime between job sites — podcasts are a fantastic way to learn and grow, not only your skills but also your business. From the comfort of your smartphone, you can listen to the experts in this field every day. 

HVAC Podcasts For Growth & Knowledge

Some of the most interesting podcasts cover both the technical skills and knowledge of seasoned professionals. 

HVAC Refer Guy

Mike Mayberry has 36 years of experience as an HVAC/Refrigeration Technician/Manager. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, he talks about HVAC and refrigeration systems. While most of his podcast content now revolves around his travels in Cochise County, Arizona, and the historical significance of the people there, there are some great hidden gems in his later episodes. 

Also, he guest stars in many other HVAC-related podcasts, so he’s a respected resource.

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Note to reader: This podcast is now mostly about his travels in Cochise County, Arizona.

Smart HVAC Marketing

Ready to grow your business? Then it would help if you listened to the Smart HVAC Marketing podcast. Hosted by Eric Thomas, this podcast teaches you how to expand and keep your customer base in these trying times. From customer service to website design, marketing, and strategic planning, Eric touches on all the parts of your HVAC business that do not involve hands-on HVAC service. 

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HVAC School – For Techs, By Techs 

Focused on the technical side of the industry, HVAC School is a must-listen for any technician who wants to get ahead of the pack. Regarding important topics that aren’t as widely discussed, like commercial refrigeration and ductless systems, this podcast also talks about the administrative and HR-related parts that make a business run smoothly. 

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Abilityman’s HVAC Tool Belt

Dedicated to people new to the HVAC field, this podcast hosted by John Dugan helps them understand what they’re getting into when they become HVAC technicians. John talks about changes in the industry, customer service issues, and the field’s history (and its impact on modern times). 

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Building HVAC Science

Building HVAC Science covers a broad array of topics in building science and HVAC diagnostics and human comfort, health, and safety. Hosted by HVAC measurement and building performance expert Bill Spohn, this show will take a deep dive into everything related to buildings and people in the built environment. 

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HVAC Masters of the Hustle

Jason Walker hosts the NVAC Masters of the Hustle to help HVAC technicians succeed and excel in the industry. He interviews top-performing HVAC entrepreneurs to share their valuable advice about tricks of the trade and the success they’ve achieved (and how you can achieve it, too). 

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HVAC Podcasts By Professionals For Professionals

Industry experts can provide insight into the trade like no one else. Here are a few great ones to add to your podcast list: 

HVAC On Air Podcast Series

This podcast series hosted by Lindsay Headings covers various HVAC topics with interviews featuring leading Emerson experts and HVAC contractors to discuss critical issues in the HVAC industry, including ways to improve customer service, the industry’s innovative future, and technical questions about new and existing systems. 

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HVAC Shop Talk

Hosted by Zach Psioda, the HVAC Shop Talk podcast uses his 20+ years of HVAC service experience to talk about all types of issues affecting HVAC technicians, companies, and students. HVAC Shop Talk will bring you the best information on the latest products and changes, a great way to stay on top of the ever-evolving HVAC industry. 

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HVAC Know It All Podcast

The HVAC Know It All podcast is hosted by Gary McCreadie. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, he shares his 25 years of experience in HVAC with other contractors in a field he loves. A licensed refrigeration and gas technician, he produces his podcast with three (3) goals in mind: Learn. Teach. Entertain. 

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HVAC Uncensored

Hosted by Gil Cavey, Jr., the HVAC Uncensored podcast gives tips on business, technical advice, and how to increase your bottom line, all from a man who does the same thing as you while having fun or a good laugh along the way. 

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HVAC 360

HVAC 360, hosted by Matt Nelson, looks at the products and systems in the HVAC world and talks about how they work and where best to apply them. Geared explicitly towards technicians, contractors, and facilities staff in commercial buildings, there’s something for everyone to expand their understanding and grow in this field.

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Listen To A Podcast For HVAC Contractors Today! 

Happy Listening! So the next time you’re in your truck, you should listen to one of these podcasts. You can learn new tips and tricks, changes to tools, processes, and other market knowledge, and grow your own skillset to keep the forward momentum in your career.

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