The Top HVAC Keywords You Need to Use in Your Marketing

The Top HVAC Keywords You Need to Use in Your Marketing

Use them to drive a constant stream of new leads to your HVAC business.

When marketing your HVAC business online, your campaigns live and die by their keywords. Use the right keywords, and the phones will start ringing off the hook. Use the wrong keywords (or keywords that are too popular), and the exact opposite will happen; dead silence.

What that means for you as the owner of an HVAC business is that you need to use the top keywords in every online advertising and marketing campaign you run. Of course, the challenge is to know which keywords are best and use them instead of the rest.

To help you, we’ve put together this list, The Top HVAC Keywords Being Searched In Your Area. Use the keywords you find here to boost your online engagement, push your campaigns to the top of the search engines, and get those phones ringing often.

The Top 25 HVAC Keywords Based On Volume

These are the keywords all HVAC companies are using, many with great success. We suggest you start with the keywords towards the bottom of the list as they won’t have as much competition and will often deliver better results. The number next to each keyword is the volume of searches it has on Google. More specifically, it’s the number of consumers who’ve used the specific keyword(s) in a particular amount of time.

  1. air conditioning repair 18,100
  2. ac repair 14,800
  3. furnace repair 12,100
  4. ductless heating and cooling 9,900
  5. heating and cooling services 8,100
  6. air conditioning service 8,100
  7. air conditioner near me 8,100
  8. ac not turning on 4,400
  9. hvac repair 4,400
  10. family heating and cooling 3,600
  11. air conditioner service 3,600
  12. heating repair 2,900
  13. ac service 2,900
  14. air conditioner not cooling 2,400
  15. air condition repair 2,400
  16. ac not cooling 2,400
  17. fix central 1,900
  18. ac not blowing cold air 1,900
  19. ac repair near me 1,900
  20. air conditioner not working 1,600
  21. ac installation 1,600
  22. hvac repair near me 1,300
  23. home ac units 1,300
  24. heating and cooling repair 1,300
  25. heating and air conditioning repair 1,300

Use Keyword Modifiers

Keyword modifiers are words that describe your HVAC service or refer to a particular time or occasion. They are very helpful as consumers will often use them when searching for something. For example;

  • Best AC repair
  • Top furnace repair
  • Cheap ductless heating and cooling
  • How to find air conditioning service
  • Air conditioner service near me
  • Winter heating repair
  • Summer AC repair near me
  • Free ac inspection

Use Local-Based Keywords

Potential HVAC customers almost always search for HVAC services close to their home, so using local-based keywords in your HVAC marketing strategy is vital. The name of your city and/or town is excellent, as well as any ‘nicknames’ your city might have. For example;

  • New York AC repair
  • Atlanta furnace repair
  • Tri-state ductless heating and cooling
  • Boston air conditioning service
  • Los Angeles air conditioner service
  • Chicago heating repair
  • Big Apple Summer AC repair
  • New Orleans ac inspection

Tools Use Can Use for Keyword Research

You may ask yourself, how can I look these keywords up? There are a variety of tools you can use free and paid. At HVAC Marketing Engine, our personal favorite is Ahrefs, however, it is a premium keyword research tool.

If you’re looking for a free alternative that still gives you an understanding of particular keywords and their search volumes, you can user Ubersuggest.

Keyword research is the backbone of any marketing strategy, so it’s essential that you do your due diligence before spending any money on marketing or advertising.

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