Does PPC Work for HVAC companies? 5 Mistakes to Avoid for Effective HVAC PPC Campaigns

HVAC PPC Campaigns

As an HVAC or plumbing company, you need to be running effective PPC campaigns to generate consistent leads and calls.

Even if you rely primarily on word-of-mouth referrals or offline advertising methods such as radio ads or tv commercials. The problem is that many HVAC companies are making mistakes when it comes to their PPC marketing strategy, which can lead to wasted ad spend. Let’s look at some common mistakes made by HVAC companies regarding PPC and how you can fix them!

Mistake #1: Choosing the wrong keywords

The first thing you want to do before setting up your PPC campaign is thinking about what words and phrases people would use when searching for your service.

For example, if you’re an HVAC company, then keywords like “heating repair,” “air conditioning repair,” “ductless heating,” and “heating service” should be on your list. Another common mistake made by HVAC companies is that they either have too many or not enough negative keyword lists in their campaigns, leading to wasted ad spend. This leads us to our next point…

Mistake #2: Not using negative keywords

Negative keywords are the words and phrases that you want your ads to not show up for. For example, if “air conditioning repair” was a keyword in one of your PPC campaigns, then an effective negative keyword would be “a/c parts” or “a/c parts supply store.”

Mistake #3: Not using landing pages

A common mistake HVAC companies make is having either no landing pages or generic landing pages.

This means that when someone lands on this page, they don’t know what type of HVAC services you offer, which can deter them from contacting you about their needs because there’s no clear sign of who you are and what your company offers potential customers looking for HVAC work.

In addition, this can result in lower conversion rates than expected due to poor optimization leading to an increase in your CPA (Cost-Per-Acquisition).

Mistake #4: Not Tracking Your KPIs

It’s important to track KPIs. Clicks, CTR, CPC, conversions, and conversion rate are common KPIs that should be tracked to help determine the ROI of your PPC campaign. Without tracking these KPIs, you will not know whether or not all this time spent is worth it in terms of how many leads and calls it generated.

Be Patient! Let Your Ads Accumulate Enough Data to Make Informed Decisions

It takes some time before PPC campaigns are effective. Unfortunately, a lot of people make the mistake of stopping their campaign after one or two weeks because they don’t see any results. This is when it’s important to have patience as your ads will accumulate enough data that you can draw an informed decision on whether to continue with your PPC marketing plan.

In Conclusion

Running effective ppc campaigns isn’t easy, but it can be done by avoiding common mistakes.

  • Choose the right keywords and use negative keyword lists to prevent wasted spend
  • Use landing pages specific to the service (i.e., HVAC, plumbing, air duct cleaning, ac replacement)
  • Track key performance indicators like clicks, CTR, CPCs, conversions, conversion rate, and ROI so you know whether or not all this time spent is worth it in terms of how many leads and calls are generated from PPC campaigns.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you’re on your way to high-performing and high-converting PPC campaigns that’ll drive a consistent stream of leads and calls for your HVAC business.

If you need help running effective PPC campaigns for your HVAC or plumbing business, HVAC Marketing Engine has the expertise to help you succeed in the digital world.

If you’re unsure if your campaigns are up to par or know they could be performing better, schedule your free consultation with HVAC Marketing Engine. We’ll show you what exactly you’re doing well and where you can improve.

Schedule your free consultation here.

Irvin Dominguez
Irvin Dominguez
Irvin Dominguez is an entrepreneur, consultant, and marketing professional living in El Paso, Texas. He has been working as a Marketing Consultant for HVAC Marketing Engine since 2017. While helping clients grow their business through ROI-driven paid traffic services he enjoys staying on top of the latest tech news, exploring the outdoors with his wife and pup, watching movies whenever he can find time to relax (which isn't often), and spending time with friends and family. He's extremely passionate about helping business owners grow their businesses so they can live life on their terms too—and knows that taking action now will lead to more success down the road!
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