The Top 5 HVAC Marketing Strategies Proven to Attract New Customers

The Top 5 HVAC Marketing Strategies Proven to Attract New Customers

As the owner of an HVAC company, you have two big, vitally essential tasks.

The first is to take care of customers to the best of your ability and make sure they’re 100% satisfied.

The second and, some would say, the more important task is to market your business well so that there’s a constant stream of new customers calling.

The problem, of course, is that while you’re a master of your profession and know HVAC systems inside and out, marketing is a whole different ballgame entirely. It’s not what you trained for years to do, not even close. If we’re honest, it can be tedious, confusing, and frustrating, even for the best of us.

The good news is that there are a few new-ish HVAC marketing strategies that are relatively straightforward to learn, allowing you to put them to work quickly.

The better news is that they work and work quite well. They’ll drive new HVAC customers your way and make sure your phone’s always ringing. With that in mind, keep reading to see The Top 5 HVAC Marketing Strategies Proven to Attract New Customers. Enjoy.

#1- Facebook Ads

Facebook has millions of users, and hundreds of thousands of them are in your town.

Even better, Facebook has reams of data on all of them, making it easy for you to use Facebook ads that target your specific customers.

You’ll need a Facebook profile and business page, which are easy to set up. And yes, you’ll need to take a little bit of time to learn how Facebook ads work, like setting up a campaign, targeting your audience, and creating your content.

The thing is, Facebook prompts you through it all, it’s very straightforward, you can set a small budget to start so it’s affordable and, in time, you can generate quite a few new HVAC leads. It’s one of the best HVAC marketing strategies.

#2- Google Ads (PPC)

The world’s biggest search engine, Google also allows you to advertise through a program they call Pay Per Click or PPC.

Using Google Ads, you can set specific HVAC keywords and advertise your website very affordably and efficiently. (You can also use PPC on Facebook, Bing, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.)

What’s great about PPC is that you can set a daily budget and create ads that are very specifically targeted. Also, if your ad does well, you can quickly increase your daily budget or, if you go on vacay for a week, shut it down and save money.

It gives you a lot of scalability, no doubt, and many HVAC owners attest that it works like a charm.

#3- Facebook Giveaways

All advertising and marketing cost money, that’s a given. But, with a Facebook Giveaway, you can give away, say, a free HVAC inspection, a year of maintenance or, if you like, a gift card to a local restaurant. In other words, a low investment that, in many cases, could give you a very return in new customers. A few quick rules to follow include;

  • Pick something that ties into your HVAC business.
  • Make the Prize a ‘Package’ Deal with a few smaller items. A free inspection, for example, with a free filter replacement and a gift card.
  • Give your Giveaway a Theme. Winter’s Coming, Superbowl, Christmas, etc.
  • Create Your Giveaway page. (It’s relatively easy.)

#4- Retargeting Website Visitors with Facebook Ads

A lot of people visit your HVAC website, look around and then… leave. To get them back, retargeting them with a Facebook Ad is the way to go. It’s highly effective and, since the customer is already “warm” has a very high conversion factor.

How it works is this; anyone that visits your website has a ‘cookie’ placed on their computer (it’s all above board and legal).

Later, when they’re visiting Facebook, that cookie generates an ad from your HVAC company, keeping it top-of-mind and giving the customer another chance to engage with your company (and giving you another opportunity to convert them into a customer).

#5- Email Marketing

Still powerful, email marketing is a viable way to increase conversions and new customers.

It’s also extremely targeted, allowing you to send a ton of HVAC-related information right to your potential customer’s inbox. One thing you need to be doing right away is building an email list by asking for user’s emails on your website.

One way to do this is to offer a discount or a giveaway for their information. Something that will help them, like a ‘Top 10 Winter HVAC Checklist”, would also work.

As your list keeps growing, you should be sending regular and constant emails to those who’ve signed up with information, news, advice, and more. An email newsletter is also a great idea. Anything to keep your HVAC company ‘top of mind’ so that, when they need repairs, replacement, maintenance, etc., they call your company first.

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